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  • Executive Managing Director of LPS Transaction Services
  • Senior Vice President, Product Management, Servicing Solutions and Technology
  • Managing Director, Product Development, Origination Technology Solutions
  • First Vice President, Network Management Office
  • Senior Managing Director, Origination Technology Solutions
  • Managing Director of the Aptitude Solutions Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management Services (DMS)
  • Senior Vice President, LPS Enterprise Components
  • Senior Vice President, Business Strategy, Servicing Solutions and Technology
  • Managing Director, Applied Analytics division
  • Vice President, Portfolio Analytics, LPS Applied Analytics
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Senior Managing Director, LPS Default Title and Closing, and Agency Sales and Posting
  • Chief Strategy Officer, LSI division
  • Managing Director, LPS Real Estate Products and Analytics
  • Vice President, Project Management
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