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Lien Alert instantly notifies you about lien-related indicators that could negatively impact your business. You set rules and frequencies to automatically receive critical updates based on the following indicators:
  • Foreclosure/default activity
  • Tax delinquency
  • Bankruptcy
  • ARM reset
  • Lien status change
  • Value change
  • New liens/shotgun mortgage
  • MLS listings
  • Ownership changes
  • Liens and judgments
Use Lien Alert to avoid surprises and maintain a clear view of borrower status. Following are the types of interested parties it can benefit:
  • First lien holders. Manage risk by detecting potential default activity using the Tax Delinquency and Bankruptcy alerts. Discover second lien information, which could result in equity changes.
  • Subordinate lien holders. Receive updates on delinquency indicators, default activity, ARM resets or changes in ownership to protect secured interest.
  • Servicers. Optimize due diligence efforts by quickly analyzing the risk in portfolios (existing or those under consideration.)
For more information about LPS Data & Analytics’ solutions, call 866.964.8343 or send an email to​. ​​
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