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LPS Data & Analytics’ loan-level data spans the spectrum of agency, non-agency and portfolio products. This database collects more than 80 loan-level collateral attributes, including product type detail, geographic detail down to ZIP level, ARM detail, FICO, document type, property value, occupancy type, property type, loan purpose and loan size.

The same loan-level data that powers all of LPS Data & Analytics’ reporting solutions is available in raw form to clients for analytic and modeling purposes. This is available in multiple formats to allow for quick adoption and easy integration into existing systems. The data available includes:
  • Nearly 40 million active first mortgage loans updated 15 days after each month-end
  • Eight million active home equity loans/lines updated 5 weeks after each month-end
  • Nearly 150 million unique loan assets (Core and HE) over 17 years
  • Large representations of all credit grades and product types, including subprime, agency, alt-A, government, seconds, HELOCs and portfolio loans
​Email​ or call 866.964.8343 to start leveraging LPS’ vast mortgage performance data in your operation.
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