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LPS offers the most accurate, comprehensive and stable Home Price Index (HPI) available today. Now, our improved offering has even more analytical power— adding valuation capabilities for short sales.

LPS HPI provides unmatched granularity down to the ZIP-code level, with more than 15,500 ZIP codes — more than twice the coverage of our competitors. We also include data for non-disclosure states and geographic areas with few transactions.
Inputs to the index come from McDash, our industry-leading loan-level database and our robust property records database. Because LPS manages these data sources, our process is efficient and expedient. Using the most recent data available, LPS HPI can identify trends sooner than other HPIs—often by as much as two months earlier.
Traditional HPIs use older analytical methods that do not accurately reflect the unprecedented market conditions of the post-bubble period, including numbers of short sales and their associated discounts. To provide a more accurate picture of home prices, the LPS HPI uses all available home sale data.
Features include:
  • National, State, CSBA, County and ZIP code geographies
    • Five price tiers for all geographies
  • Discount factors for all geographies and price tiers
    • REO discount
    • NEW! Short sale discount
  • Breakout by property type (Single Family, Condo, Unknown)
  • Both seasonally adjusted and non-adjusted HPI sets
  • Improved continuity and smoothness
The LPS HPI is designed to provide a more accurate picture of home prices in today’s market for all property types and conditions. LPS' HPI provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional property valuation methods. Its accuracy, coverage and treatment of short and REO sales allow capital markets professionals to quickly and reliably evaluate portfolio equity and determine potential for loss.
For more information about LPS data and analytics solutions call 866.964.8343 or send an email to
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