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Even the most innovative companies are only as good as the technology that drives them — and no one is more technologically advanced than Lender Processing Services. 
LPS is now part of Black Knight Financial Services. Learn more about ServiceLink, A Black Knight Financial Services Company valuations here.


RealEC™ is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing software systems, offering an exceptionally user-friendly interface and a highly scalable environment. It also provides a massive, multi-tiered infrastructure system operating invisibly in the background.
RealEC’s services enable lenders and their business partners to electronically connect, collaborate and automate their business processes to eliminate paper, manual processing and other sources of friction in the origination and servicing of mortgage loans.
It provides all the tools needed to manage transactions faster and more efficiently than ever before while keeping connected to LPS title and closing services.  The connectivity is done through the lender’s production system, loan origination system (LOS) or over the Internet. All is accomplished without leaving your desk.
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