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LPS’ comprehensive mortgage data combined with our dynamic analytics and technology provides both powerful portfolio transparency and critical risk information for the originations market.
Comprehensive, accurate industry data is necessary to make informed decisions. LPS data and analytics grants access to loan-level data on about 40 million active first loans and nine million second mortgages – more data on U.S. mortgages than is provided by any other single company.
We also provide detailed property data covering more than 99.9 percent of all U.S. property ownership records in more than 3,000 counties. We’re adding more data fields every month to augment our loan-level data and provide a fuller understanding of the market.
Let LPS’ leading knowledge keep you ahead of your competition and operating at peak efficiency so you don’t get caught when the market decides to change.

LPS Data & Analytics also offers products that help originators understand credit risk, default risk, prepayment propensity, optimal loan modification parameters and other ways to manage portfolio risk.

LPS Behavioral Library exposes subsets of the loan population that have a greater tendency toward default by examining interest rate projections, geographical factors and housing price increases. It also moves beyond traditional prepayment models to provide a flexible trading-quality system by analyzing U.S. home sales, borrower refinancings, principal curtailment and defaults.
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