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LPS Data & Analytics brings together data and analytics to help you make smart decisions. LPS' industry-leading data, culled from relationships with most major banks and servicers, provide you with more insight into your portfolios for a more effective loss mitigation strategy.

Benchmark your portfolio, identify your risk mitigation strategies and define future objectives with LPS’ loan-level mortgage performance data, real estate data and our industry-best analytics. It’s a powerful combination that makes sense for any servicer.


LPS offers comprehensive loan-level mortgage and real estate property data, which can be aggregated for greater results.
  • Mortgage Performance Data. LPS Data & Analytics offers loan-level data covering nearly 40 million active first mortgages and eight million active second mortgage loans. This database collects more than 100 loan-level collateral attributes, including product type detail, ZIP codes, ARM information, document type, property value, occupancy type, property type, loan purpose and loan size. 
  • Property Data. LPS also owns and controls the most robust, current and accurate property data available. Our database covers more than 99.9 percent of the U.S. population. LPS’ experienced staff collects and manages this data, and the company is making investments to continuously enhance it.
LPS offers a variety of delivery methods for data, including via subscription service or online.​​
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