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MSP® and our other related technologies are the top mortgage loan servicing technologies in the industry. LPS' dynamic and innovative Loan Servicing Platform, or MSP – pioneered more than 45 years ago – today processes more mortgages in the U.S. by dollar volume than any other servicing system. MSP's technology helps manage millions of loans with total balances exceeding $4 trillion.
The MSP servicing platform provides support for loan setup and maintenance, customer service, cashiering, escrow administration, investor accounting, default management and more, while assisting clients with rapidly changing federal regulatory reporting requirements. LPS provides a suite of other, supporting products, along with LPS’ award-winning customer service and operational support.
MSP provides the integration and automation to service a wide range of mortgage loan products, including home equity loans and lines of credit, fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, and construction loans.
LPS augments its industry-leading servicing technology with unparalleled customer service and professional services.


LPS Desktop® is a scalable, enterprise workflow solution that addresses a key challenge inherent in the servicing process. Many servicers are using multiple legacy systems to run their business processes – systems that oftentimes don’t offer the flexibility to handle significant changes in the market conditions and extraordinarily high transaction volumes.
LPS Desktop expedites servicing processes by acting as a hub between systems and facilitating faster and more accurate data transfer. With LPS Desktop, servicers can redeploy resources as necessary in anticipation of changing market conditions and increase transparency for all parties in the process. Other benefits include:
  • Eliminating misplaced files
  • Increasing productivity
  • Optimizing information sharing
  • Minimizing lost revenues
ClosingStream for loan servicing is a Web-based, consumer-facing loan modification workflow application designed to facilitate loan modification management from start to finish. It is ideal for:
  • Processing of loan modifications, extensions and repayment plans.
  • Making Web-based loan modifications to reduce mailing and processing costs, improve quality and realize higher pull-through rates.
  • Delivering disclosure documents to simplify presentment and provide a recorded audit trail that contains the customer’s acceptance and time/date stamps.
  • Performing any other functions involving documents or disclosures that require acknowledgement by the borrower or customer.
MSP integrates with many other data solutions as well.
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