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LPS can help you profit from the ongoing interest in reverse mortgages. Through a strategic partnership with Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS), the reverse mortgage expert, LPS offers the industry’s leading reverse mortgage servicing solutions to quickly support your entry into this growing and profitable market.
With our private-label solutions, RMS’ experienced professionals will manage reverse mortgage servicing as your "back-office" reverse mortgage facilitator. RMS will provide the technical, product and customer service expertise needed for your and your customers’ complete satisfaction.
As your reverse mortgage business grows, LPS can bring your reverse mortgage offering in-house with RMS’ turnkey solution for reverse mortgage servicing. LPS can also provide servicing support for lenders that want an experienced mortgage technology company to provide their reverse mortgage servicing solutions.

Our expert professionals, with vast experience in all aspects of reverse mortgages, mortgage banking and mortgage servicing, will represent your company to the borrower with the same professionalism, courtesy and respect you show your customers.

Let us show you how LPS and RMS can help you increase market share and revenue by adding reverse mortgages to your product portfolio.
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