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LPS was built on the success of our loan servicing platform, MSP®, the first generation of which was developed in the 1960s. Today, MSP is a comprehensive, end-to-end platform that services everything from traditional mortgages to HELOCs and non-traditional loans.
More mortgages are serviced on LPS' MSP than any other system. It has become THE standard for the mortgage servicing industry.
MSP handles everything from loan boarding, payment processing, escrow administration and letter writing. It processes special loan types, home equity loans, defaults and loss mitigation. From customer service, to investor services to paying off a loan, the system provides all the functionality needed in a single technology platform.


The MSP servicing platform has been designed to allow our clients to reduce the cost of their back office servicing operations while empowering staff to perform higher-priority customer service and revenue-generation activities.

MSP offers a host of other benefits, too:
  • Core MSP Scalability. Allows MSP to meet needs for any size portfolio.
  • MSP Congeniality. Works with complimentary products to add value.
  • Customer Support and Service. Comes with LPS’ award-winning support services.
  • Business Partner Integration. Gives third-party providers the ability to integrate their solutions into MSP.
  • Robust Analytical Engine. Access to data to streamline reporting and better analyze performance indicators.
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