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Lender Processing Services, Inc. (LPS)  is a leading provider of mortgage and consumer loan processing services, mortgage settlement services, default solutions and loan performance analytics, as well as solutions for the real estate industry, capital markets investors and government offices.  
LPS' high-performance technology, robust data, innovative services and award-winning customer support are why most of the nation’s top 50 banks have chosen LPS to provide the solutions they need to achieve their business goals and succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Formed from a 2008 spin-off, LPS' predecessor companies date back nearly half a century when we first began offering computing and statistical services. Throughout our proud history, clients know they can trust our reputation for being 100 percent committed to supporting their needs — from initial contact all the way through to our continuous customer support operations. Our executive management's years of leadership and business experience and intuition help contribute further to our clients' success.
As a technology leader, LPS participates in many industry conferences throughout the year as an exhibitor, a sponsor or a provider of thought leadership speakers. Check out our calendar of upcoming events for more information.
Find out how LPS' end-to-end solutions suite can help you sharpen your competitive edge by reducing costs, minimizing risks and better managing volume fluctuations. Harness LPS' expertise and proven solutions to help your business take its next steps with renewed confidence.
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